With Cell Tracker, you can remotely track & monitor specific locations and get alerts when your children’s enter or leave. Cell Tracker advanced Geo-fencing feature better than many other geo-fencing apps. because it uses Google Maps on Android, so it’s 100 percent accurate most of the time.

Geofencing is a best solution for parents who have to stay away from their children’s most of the time due to their work obligations.

If you fear that your minor kids could be visiting pubs or drinking alcohol without your approval, you can set alerts on all the bars and pubs within your house’s vicinity using Cell tracker’s geofencing feature.


Using Celltracker Geofencing feature is to use. All you have to do on your dashboard. Just go to your dashboard and select Geofencing feature and then add specific Watchlist Locations. There are no limitations on the number of locations you can Geofence.

Geofencing feature allow you to

1. Mark specific areas as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’.

2. Enter unlimited areas, locations and places in ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ or ‘Home’ and ‘College’ place lists.

3. Get alerts on your dashboard when they enter or leave those places.

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