Calls Tracker

Call recordings seem to be the most important things these days. Call recordings are significant in many ways.

Track down instructions given to you over the phone.

Back up of essential phone calls, like calls from the bank, orders, etc.

Now courts have started taking call recording with timestamps as legal evidence.

It acts as a call dairy, where you can go back to any memory line any day you want.

The app will record all your calls with their time stamps. Like that, you can verify them using your monitoring interface offered by the Cell Tracker account.

Celltracker's mobile phone tracking app helps you monitor incoming and outgoing calls from your mobile device. Even if your phone has call recording features, there are high chances that call records are misplaced or deleted accidentally or intentionally. All your calls are recorded with a cell tracker, backed up in the cloud with high-level encryption. You can also enable auto-reject to block unwanted calls using this feature.


What will get you?

1. You can view a list of Call logs along with the type of call, phone number, duration, and time of call received.

2. You can get recorded call records files along with the time of the call, type of call, name, number, and duration of the call.

3. You can block incoming/outgoing calls filtering by phone number using "Block a number" feature.

Note : In rare cases, the Call recording doesn't work or may not record both sides of the conversation on some phone models.
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