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Call Tracking

Today, your kids may fall into the trap of bad quality conversations using their phones. Actually, a Cell tracker can make this nightmare done for you. The app will record all the calls with their time stamps. Like that, you can verify them using your monitoring interface offered by the Cell Tracker account.

Celltracker’s mobile phone tracking app helps you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls from your target device. With an increase in smartphone ownership and usage by teens, it’s imperative that you keep track of who they make calls to.

The Celltracker app will record the calls after which you will access them when you deem fit. The app will also help you keep track of how your employees spend time on phone calls. Additionally, you can track whether their unending phone calls add value to your business or not.


What will get you?

1. You can view a list of Call logs along with the type of call, phone number, duration and time of call received.

2. You can get recorded call records files along with the time of the call, type of call, name, number, and duration of the call.

3. You can block incoming/outgoing calls filtering by phone number using "Block a number" feature.

Note : In rare cases, the Call recording doesn't work or may not record both sides of the conversation on some phone models.