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Remote Controller

One sure feature of Celltracker mobile tracking app is remote control of the app from a different source. As a user, you can access all the features of the app remotely from the user interface in your account.

Also, you can control the features of the target device without the user knowing. Sometimes, you need to control the amount of time your child spends on the phone. The best way to accomplish this is remotely through the Celltracker free mobile tracking app.


Moreover, you can use this feature to trace the location and features of a lost mobile phone. The benefit of this is that it will prevent the thief from accessing your personal information that is logged in your lost/misplaced phone.

What will get you?

1. You can get the current battery status, GPS location of the device.

2. You can record audio for 1 or 10 mints.

3. You can take picture with a front/back camera.

4. You can disable the camera .

5. Vibrate / Ringing phone

6. You can disable/enable wifi

7. You can format/wife phone data