Track my phone

Reports say that there are more domestic issues raised after lockdown. It is too apparent when social animals were put on rules and regulations alone and stayed at home without interaction; problems do arise.

Even before the lockdown and Covid, many were addicted to their mobile phones. And now it has become a license to use mobile giving reason out as work and education.

Teachers who were complaining about students' mobile usage are now coming live on students' mobile phones. We can't stop our kids from using mobile phones. We can't sit with them always to see what they do with their mobile phones. Believe me, some parents hired sitter just to monitor kids' mobile usage during this period.

Parents have been trying to find the solution for these issues for some time now. They browse online, check with their friend to know the best way to find out what the kids do over the phone all day. In the morning, they use their mobile phones, stating online classes, and the rest of the day, they study the morning courses taken online.

Literally, mobile phones are with your kids round the clock. But it's confusing to the parents as is it the same as kids having books round the clock?

Never kids using books all the time is not even half close to kids using mobile phones. If the books are related to education, we do not have to worry if the kids hung with them for a longer time. The only concern about books is just to make sure it's the right book.

But when it's a mobile phone, there are plenty of things to take it to concern. Kids need a smartphone for online education and studies; there is no question about that. But there are more than hundreds of probability of kids misusing the smartphone by multiple channels. Kids can visit bad sites, chat with the wrong person in chat or on social media, watch or download bad things, share personal pics, etc.

Many teachers advise parents to install a mobile tracker on the kid's phone without their knowledge to monitor your kid's mobile phone life. The point they underline is to make sure your kids do not know you are monitoring their mobile phone as it might break their confidence if they are not making any mistakes with their phone.

A teacher might advise you to use a mobile tracker, but how will you know a mobile tracker and the right mobile tracker? A good mobile tracker is a complete cell tracker, which should help you track everything we have discussed here, if possible, even more than we discussed.

Mobile tracker from is the best app to track mobile in the market right now for your kids. It can track every premium aspect of your kid’s mobile right from basic to advance.

  • Whom your kids talk with: Get a complete call log from the phone, even if they delete it.
  • What do they talk over the phone? Every incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded with the mobile tracker, and you can download it from the dashboard.
  • What they chat? Cell tracker will get you all chat and media on chat applications of your kids even with the media files.
  • Social media: Your kid's presence on social media or dating sites on their chat also the media files they share can be monitored using the mobile tracker.

More than the highlights mentioned from mobile tracker aspects, if you sign up for mobile tracker for free, you can try and use all the aspects in the mobile tracker dashboard.

Ensure you follow the mobile tracker site's fitting instructions to install the mobile tracker on your kid's mobile phone. Installation is the only process in the mobile tracker where you need to put a little effort and be careful in following the procedure correctly.

What’s comes as a great add-on is a geo fencing facility from the mobile tracker. In simple words, geo-fencing from the mobile tracker is an application to track where your kids visit. You can create virtual fencing for your kids on the map, where you will get notifications on various things. With the help of geofencing, you can get alerts when your kids leave a certain place like school or home. So you can be count on the mobile tracker for your kid's physical safety too. Just imagine if you can get alert while your kid leaves school when the classes are on. Now during the lockdown and when the parents can’t be at home, they will alert when your kid moves out of the home.

Also, you can restrict certain places in the location like pubs, casinos, etc. In your mobile tracker, you will get an alert when your kid enters the restricted areas set by you.

n short, a cell tracker is the perfect example of the right mobile tracker, which can be utilized to the maximum to track your kids. But you do not have to trust anything just by reading this; you can just sign up free mobile tracker right now within seconds. After signing up for a mobile tracker, you can see the dashboard that itself can tune up the list of things it can do. All you need is your kid's mobile phone for a few minutes to install the mobile tracker and simple instructions for it to hide on the phone. If you follow the instruction properly, your kid can’t find out that the mobile tracker is installed, and also, it will work properly without giving any hiccups.