Celltracker Install Guide

Install Guide

  • Step

    Visit celltracker.io - Go to Menu - Visit Login/Sign-up page. Enter your Name, a valid E-Mail ID and your choice of password and click Sign Up Now.
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    Once the signup is complete, login to the application. Click the laptop icon on top of the screen. You will be provided with a six digit access code. Note it down. You will require this access code while installing the cell tracker app on your mobile phone.
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    Now go to www.celltracker.io on your mobile phone browser. Click the ‘Download Now’ button. The application will be downloaded into your phone.
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    Install the app on your phone. Give all the access permissions. Provide the access code that you have noted down (Refer Step 3). Tap OK. You will see the notification, ‘Settings updated’.
  • Step

    Now the app will disappear and will go incognito.
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    Now login to the Celltracker dashboard on your computer and the service is ready for you to use.